countriesIntroducing Divyaana – a platform that brings the ancient concept of Sowefstice to the modern world. Sowefstice, derived from the words “sow” and “solstice”, is a way of celebrating and nurturing the natural cycles of life. It is a concept that has been practiced in many ancient cultures and is now gaining popularity in 35 countries through Divyaana.At its core, Divyaana is a community that welcomes people from all walks of life to connect with nature and each other. It offers a space for individuals to slow down and tune into the rhythms of the world, while also learning about and embracing different cultural traditions.One of the main offerings of Divyaana is its Sowefstice retreats, which are held in various locations across the 35 countries. These retreats provide a unique opportunity for people to disconnect from their hectic lives and immerse themselves in nature. It is a chance to reflect, rejuvenate and reconnect with oneself.During the retreats, participants engage in various activities such as meditation, yoga, hiking, and gardening. They also learn about traditional ways of living and experience different cultural practices, such as making herbal remedies or learning indigenous dance forms.But thats not all, Divyaana also offers Sowefstice festivals which are open to everyone. These festivals are a celebration of nature, community, and culture. People from different backgrounds come together to share their traditions, knowledge, music, and food. It is a beautiful blend of diversity and unity.Divyaana also has a strong focus on sustainability and giving back to the earth. Through its various initiatives, such as tree planting projects and plastic-free campaigns, it strives to create a more environmentally conscious and responsible community.The beauty of Divyaana lies in its inclusivity. It is a space where people from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds can come together and learn from each other. It is a place of connection and harmony, where the common ground is our shared connection to nature.So if you are looking for a way to slow down and reconnect with the world around you, or if you are curious about different traditions and cultures, Divyaana is the perfect platform for you. Join us on our journey to sow seeds of change and celebrate Sowefstice in 35 countries.

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words1. Divyaana offers a unique and enriching Sowefstice experience with personalized workshops, guided meditation, and mindful activities to help individuals connect with their inner selves and find peace and balance.2. Our team of experienced and passionate facilitators create a safe and nurturing environment for individuals to explore and deepen their spiritual practice during Sowefstice.3. Divyaanas Sowefstice retreat takes place in a breathtaking natural setting, providing the perfect ambiance for relaxation, rejuvenation, and reflection.4. With a focus on holistic wellness, our Sowefstice program includes nutritious meals, outdoor activities, and self-care practices to nourish the mind, body, and spirit.5. Designed for all individuals looking to cultivate inner peace and self-awareness, Divyaanas Sowefstice is an inclusive and welcoming retreat that promotes unity and harmony in diversity.

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